Balancing simplicity and functionality, the Drone Collection features flat, flared ends which gently curve, providing a luxury feel and finish to compliment any contemporary table setting. This 3.5mm collection feels innately minimal in style, and is named after the river Drone which runs down the Valley in Dronfield until it merges with two other tributaries to form the River Rother.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the Drone supplied power to several water wheels at early factories in the Dronfield Valley area and was crucial to the production of wool, soap, and steel.

To complement the simple and graceful design of this collection, we have created a tablescape using a Japanese style floor cushion of burgundy and red woven boucle which encapsulates a feeling of warmth and relaxation, whilst adding a daring dash of colour. The woven texture also provides a contrast to the smooth finish of the cutlery, ensuring the Drone set is your statement centrepiece.

Reminiscent of Japanese culture where meals are traditionally held on a tatami floor around a low table, we have created our own oriental inspired tablescape which introduces elements of eastern design evocative of a commitment to minimalism and functionality.     

Taking the concept of Kanso as our lead inspiration for this look, we have created a dining feel which emphasises a direction for the home which is free from clutter and functional in nature.

Layering natural materials and colour palettes such as the slate placemats and terracotta flatware harkens back to the design routes of Drone which as part of our Rivers Collection has nature at the heart of everything.

Adding eclectic elements like our vintage ironware teapot, along with 18th and 19th century Chinoiserie bowls is a complementary style which is characterised by exuberant decoration, asymmetry and stylised subject matter.

Ultimately, with Drone as your centrepiece whichever design direction you gravitate towards personally; quality, clean lines and elegance will be assured.


15 February , 2023