If you're looking for ways to make at home food preparation easier and more enjoyable then why not explore our high quality and affordable Cast Aluminium Cookware range of products from Commichef by Grunwerg?

Traditional cast iron cookware is long lasting but also expensive, heavy and prone to chipping. The Commichef Cast Aluminium range from Grunwerg is 'Die-Cast' which solves these issues through the manufacturing of lightweight, durable products which offer value for money along with improved upon cooking times, all whilst retaining the same attractive styling. 

Our Everyday All-In-One-Pan 
Take the stress out of storing and cleaning multiple pots and pans by investing in a All-In-One-Pan from Commichef by Grunwerg. This clever cooking pan is just as at home frying a cooked breakfast as it is boiling pasta, making sumptuous sauces or sautéing spring onions. Deep enough for making a stove top casserole or risotto its also super easy to clean and light to handle.

Our All-In-One-Pan is a true multitasker

The only Casserole Dish you'll ever need..
Our Commichef Cast Aluminium Casserole Dishes are available in wide range of shapes and sizes and like all of our Cast Aluminium collection come in either in a contemporary black or neutral cream colour.

Our Casserole dishes are packed with a whole host of incredible features which are fast making them a go-to product for professional kitchens and home cooks alike: 

  • 75% lighter than cast iron - yet just as sturdy.
  • Non-stick coating.
  • Works on all types of hobs.
  • Take cookware from hob to oven to the table.
  • Versatile and easy to handle.
  • Choose from round, shallow or oval.

Casserole dishes in a variety of sizes and shapes 

Save on energy costs
Our Commichef Cast Alumimium range is also more energy efficient than other types of cookware. This is due to the conductivity of aluminium being around 6 times better than that of iron or steel, meaning this cookware heats up quicker as well as diffusing the heat more efficiently.

In addition to this its naturally lightweight nature makes it easier to store, access and handle. The Whitford non-stock lining also means this cookware is super easy to clean and reduces the need for oils or fats making for healthier cooking all round.

Designed to make things simple
Whether you're a fan of one-pot cooking or prefer as many people round as possible for a a big dinner this range has you covered. Take the multi-functional Commichef Cast Aluminium Roasting Dish with Skillet below for instance. It's perfect for cooking Sunday roasts, along with grilling and sautéing meats and vegetables.

So explore the Commichef Cast Aluminium Cookware range from Grunwerg today and save time, money and effort. 

23 January , 2023