Grunwerg have officially re-branded. Out with the old and in with the new, although our new look very much pays homage to our heritage and roots in Sheffield. Over the past 75 years the company has grown and developed, however we feel the past is a part of us, it is alive in us and in our future.

Our Heritage

Sheffield is known as the home of British steel and we are proud to be part of the local community. Our products were manufactured in the UK until the late 1970’s and the design team are still based in the Sheffield area.

Therefore key colourways and design attributes which draw inspiration from this have been utilised within our new brand guidelines. This includes red brickwork and steel girders which are key signifiers of Sheffield in days gone past. This website which we launched last year already encompasses our new branding and soon a newly developed trade website will follow suit.


Grunwerg heritage with map of sheffield


New Logo

You may have noticed that over the last few months we have been slowly transitioning from our old logo to a new one. This was originally designed for our cutlery, to highlight the quality and luxuriousness of the products. However we decided it epitomised the core of everything that we do as Grunwerg products are designed for a life lived beautifully.

The text on the new logo was originally a deep blue colour, however we have changed this to furnace black, drawing inspiration from the coal and furnaces used to forge steel. The logo also includes a White Rose of York flower to symbolise our Yorkshire roots.

Grunwerg family with factory

Future Plans

The re-brand gives us the opportunity to further develop the enviable reputation that we’ve built with brands such as Global, Vektra and Pioneer.

With our new look comes a new tone of voice and you will be seeing a more informed yet fun side to Grunwerg. We want to engage with our customers on a more relaxed and informal level and hope to become a well known and loved household brand in our own right.


09 January , 2023