Named after the Porter Brook that flows into the River Sheaf our Porter Cutlery Collection features an interesting rectangular shape at the end offering a classical look with a dignified air. Porter will bring a perfectly simple elegance to any table setting and lends itself well to creating a feel which embraces simplicity in the form of handmade studio ceramics, and minimalist abstract elements on tableware.

Perfectly simple elegance with Porter  

As a river that runs through Sheffield, the Porter Brooks steep gradient made it ideal for powering the nascent water wheel and works associated with the cutlery industry.

When it came to designing this namesake collection after the Porter for our Rivers range, we wanted to emulate the feeling of power and stability which is why the slight decline that moves from the centre of the handles in a rectangular shape feels architectural in form. The overall aim is to stamp a sense of permanence and strength in the design that reflects the heritage of the Sheffield’s cutlery industry.   

Simple tableware with accents of deep green and teal against neutral tones offers the perfect look to pair with Porter. We’ve also added further touches of nature through decorative pottery elements from local Sheffield artisans alongside Carn Pottery which is produced a little further afield down in Cornwall.

A design that offers a sense of permanence and strength 

With such a strong looking cutlery design you could of course go a little more eclectic with your tablescaping should you choose to. We’ve decided to keep things cool and calm with a dark sage green herringbone tablecloth and greenery dotted around the table to tie in the feeling of nature and outdoors that has inspired our Rivers collection.

One thing is certain, with 18/10 Quality Stainless Steel and a 3.5mm Gauge, Porter is a quality collection which has been made to stand the test of time.

Inspired by nature and the surroundings of South Yorkshire

23 December , 2022