At Grunwerg, we care about the environment. We are aware of the impact the manufacturing and distribution of our products have on the world we live in. We are committed to reducing paper and plastic waste site wide, as well as reducing the plastic waste in our packaging. We are also using more electric cars in our fleet, with the hope to be fully electric within the next few years.

Each year we will strive to improve. We have planted trees and wild flowers around Silversteel Manor to help reduce our carbon footprint, and support the local ecosystem. As a company we are very much committed to do what we can where we can to reduce the impact we have on the environment.

We are reducing plastic waste and non-recyclable material in our packaging

We are reviewing our packaging constantly. Our products come in fully recyclable packaging where possible. We are steadily removing the plastic from our packaging with the intention of being plastic-free. We use plastic free sellotape, jiffy bags and boxes. Our cutlery even comes wrapped in tissue.

All our new cutlery patterns now come in boxes, with the cutlery wrapped in paper rather than placed in a plastic bag. We believe the additional cost is well worth paying. When we create new products, we aim to package products in an environmentally friendly way, looking at zero waste and sustainable materials.

We are reducing our carbon emissions across our warehouses

Changing our facilities

By revolutionising the lighting in our warehouse, we are working to reduce our CO2 emissions. Using motion sensors to reduce light waste, changing our lighting has had a huge impact. We have installed bike racks to encourage staff to ditch their cars, included recycling bins everywhere on site and reducing the amount of paper waste.