Our cutlery comes with a lifetime guarantee (valid for 50 years) against manufacturing faults and defects. This guarantee applies to our cutlery but not to other products bearing the Grunwerg logo.

Our cutlery is made to very high standards and we rarely encounter problems. If you look after your cutlery, your cutlery will look after you!

Washing by hand is recommended. Washing by hand will preserve the look of your cutlery over time, but all cutlery items are dishwasher safe.

Always follow the instructions that come with your dishwasher.

Remove cutlery from the dishwasher once the cycle has finished and ideally dry with a soft cloth.

Rinse or wash cutlery after use, many foods will cause damage to cutlery if left on the surface, particularly salty foods, vinegar, sauces and fruit juice.

Knives are more prone to corrosion and are made of a different steel to forks and spoons.

Do not leave cutlery to soak in buckets or in sinks overnight

Do not leave cutlery in a damp location

Do not use wool or abrasive cleaners