Beautifully striking, the Barlow cutlery range will add a touch of originality and fun to any eclectic dining scheme. The hammered design of this collection is reminiscent of mid-20th century cutlery patterns and has been created to evoke childhood memories of running past dappled streams where the light catches the water in just the right way.

Barlow brook runs right past our office here at Grunwerg and often threatens to flood in winter. It’s the inspiration behind our Barlow cutlery, which features a standout mirrored finish with rounded ends. The stunningly unique dappled effect that this creates is sure to turn heads. As a contemporary cutlery set Barlow will make a great impression for any table setting. Part of our 'Rivers' collection all items in this series feature a beautifully weighted and balanced 3.5mm gauge to grace your table.

When thinking about creating a striking tablescape to complement Barlow, we’ve been inspired by the hues of nature around us to photograph a painted backdrop of abstract shapes and colors that encapsulates the green, blue and turquoise tones found surrounding rivers, streams and wooded areas.

Barlow is a uniquely designed cutlery pattern that really demands to take centre stage on any dining table. Keeping flatware and ceramics understated yet stylish sets a sophisticated tone. Slightly speckled blue studio style pottery provides another subtle texture suitable for a majority of dining styles and interior design directions. 

Of course a nod to something fun is always a nice touch at dinner time and with a focus on keeping things eclectic we’ve introduced a very collectable vintage 1970s French Blue Lobster Terrine by Michel Caugant on our tablescape. It’s the perfect centerpiece for pâtés or dips with crudités for gatherings with friends where everyone can get stuck in with a Barlow Table Spoon in hand to scoop up something delicious.

Whatever your personal interior vibe might be Barlow is adaptable enough to suit traditional interiors as well as more modern environments. So whether you’ll be creating a look and feel that encapsulates the swinging sixties or prefer something bang up to date – with Barlow making an appearance at mealtimes you’ll certainly avoid being boring.      

16 March , 2023