At Grunwerg, we are delighted to announce the full Katana Saya range, which encompasses the very best of Japanese cultures and traditions.

As well as our premium cutlery and tableware products, we also develop our own knife brands. The most recent addition is our Katana Saya range of kitchen knives. This collection introduces a range of Damascus Steel kitchen knives that feature exceptionally high-quality blades, inspired by Japanese knife making traditions.

Made with 67 Layers of the highest quality steel with a high carbon content, these knives ensure exceptional toughness. Additionally, the VG-10 blends the durability of carbon steel with the corrosion resistance of Stainless Steel. By utilising VG-10 stainless steel, the Katana Saya ranges deliver one of the best edge retentions in the market and one the most premium steels in Japanese culinary products.

Katana Saya Knife with gift box


The journey from the beginning…

Back in August 2021 the first of our Katana Saya Knife ranges were brought to market. The scope of the Katana Saya range is to blend culinary traditions from both Europe and Japan. We have an extensive range of knives that represents classic styles from both Eastern and Western cultures.

The first knives we introduced are our Katana Saya Olivewood and Katana Saya Pakkawood ranges. These are our largest collections with 15 different individual knives with a choice of two handles. You may choose either the traditional dark Pakkawood handles, or the light Olivewood handles. The deep black wooden Pakkawood handles, strike the perfect balance between opulence and hard-wearing durability. Alternatively, the Katana Saya Olivewood handles offer a more natural elegant look, which are also lightweight and soft in the hand.

Katana Saya Pakkawood and Olivewood

Depending on choice, the Eastern inspired knife ranges accompany with a wooden ‘Saya’. For those looking for a more Westernised nature, the knife ranges feature a quality leather sheath. Both offer perfect protection for your knife and its sharp edge.

Additionally, we supply all our individual knives with a wooden display case. Therefore, whatever knife you choose from either range, you are guaranteed protection and safe storage.

So Eastern, Western, Olivewood or Pakkawood, you can choose whichever suits you and your kitchen best.

Katana Elements

Retaining the same high performance 67 Layer, VG-10 Damascus Steel blades, Katana Elements was the second inspiration for Katana Saya and was launched in January 2022. This range is inspired by the ancient wisdom of the elements that coalesce to make up our earth. Those considered to be Fire, Water and Air, which are showcased through the multi-coloured handles. Katana Elements is the only range that offers a 9 Piece Knife Block Set in all three colour tones.

Katana Elements all knife colours

The magnitude of the earth’s fiery underbelly is where the Katana Elements volcanic range finds its inspiration. With the colour red being a symbol of Peace and Prosperity in Japanese culture, these knives cast a delicate balance between the two contrasting forces.

The magnificence of the ocean is the source of inspiration behind the Katana Elements Ocean collection. The flowing blue resin evokes the might of lapping waves depicted in traditional woodcuts. In the Japanese culture, they consider blue to be lucky and a symbol of calm and purity, contrasting harmoniously to the mighty ocean.

Katana Elements Ocean

Finally, the rainforest is both mysterious, yet full of so much life and wonder. Therefore, Katana Element’s Rainforest range evokes discreet and ambient aesthetic. In Japanese culture, green symbolises both life and growth, which we believe brings a homely feel that beholds mysterious beauty.


Katana Pearl

The third beautiful collection presented by Katana Saya is the Katana Pearl range, which draws inspiration from the beauty of nature. Brought to market in July 2022 it was an instant hit. Made with the same VG-10 Damascus Steel, this 17-piece range, available in knife block sets evokes the beauty of the marine life.

Katana Pearl introduces a spectacular iridescent effect inspired by abalone shells into the elegantly beautiful pearl handles. The abalone shell is known locally as Paua and is said to enhance feelings of peace, compassion and love. It is also known for its strength and durability.

Each single knife is supplied with either a wooden ‘Saya’ or a luxurious sheath for care and protection. Both elegant and eye catching these handles capture a beauty that only the natural world could endure.

Katana Pearl knives


Katana Tiger

The Katana Saya’s journey finishes with the Katana Tiger range. This was introduced in September 2022 and is crafted from the same high quality Japanese VG-10 Damascus steel blade material as our other Katana knives. Each handle is perfectly weighted and features a striking tiger print design to provide a fearsome armoury of kitchenware.

Katana Tiger Knives


This 17-piece range was created in commemoration of the Chinese Year of the Tiger (2022 – 2023) which symbolises courage and strength, a spirit we believe is a welcome addition to any kitchen. The eye-catching tiger patterned handles will inject a spark of the wild and individualism into your knife collection!

For sales enquiries, email For more info on the Katana Saya knife range and to buy now, visit the Katana Saya website.

14 October , 2022