What do Jackie Kennedy, Martha Stewart, and Aerin Lauder have in common? Well on top of other accomplishments they’re all famous for tablescaping. With the table being the heart of any dinner party, nailing your presentation is a really important step in your party preparation. After all, once you've invested in luxury cutlery, you want to put your best foot forward when entertaining by laying your table in just the right way. 

Setting the perfect dinner party table isn’t always easy and with dinner parties back in vogue more than ever, it’s never been a better time to master the art of setting your table. 

So, what steps should you take to create the perfect piece of tablescaping for a special gathering with your Grunwerg cutlery? Whether it’s an intimate family get-together or a unique occasion, here are some tips on creating a luxury dining experience which will keep your guests gathered round the table chatting until the small hours.


How to set a dinner table

The way you set your dinner table can depend on a lot of different factors.The occasion, your cutlery set, and the number of guests attending. You also want to consider what courses you’re serving and whether it’s a brunch, lunch, or dinner. Having a good understanding of the basics of laying your table will help you choose the right flatware for any dinner table.  

Why should you spend time setting your dinner table? We recommend setting your dinner table before your guests arrive – or even before you start cooking. Nailing your table setting will create a luxury experience for your guests, being the cherry on the cake of your dinner party.

When you’re hosting a dinner party, your table becomes the focal point of the event. We’ve all spent a party sitting around a table enjoying a glass or two of wine and mouth-watering food with our nearest and dearest. Food has a way of bringing people together. The last you want to do is break the magic by running back and forth to your kitchen to get your cutlery set.


What you need to know about laying any dinner table

You won’t set a dinner table for a family brunch the same way you would for a more formal occasion. Whatever type of dinner party you’re hosting, there are a few universal rules. This etiquette forms the basic principles of table setting with your luxury cutlery sets.

Firstly, your dinner table should be made up of three elements – your Grunwerg cutlery, glassware, and plate sets. When you’re placing your cutlery down beside your dining set, the base should be in line with the bottom of your plates.

 The most important piece from your cutlery set to get right is the placement of your knife. The distance that your place your knife from your plate will determine the rest of your tablescaping. The blade of the knife should also face inward towards your plates.

 Glassware is the next element that often confuses people. The golden rule is to start in size order. When you’re sitting down, the shortest glass should be the one nearest to you with larger glasses behind it in ascending order.

 A step-by-step guide for setting your table

When you google “how to set a dinner table?”, it’s easy to become instantly overwhelmed. The tablescaping trend means that the internet is full of glamorous table settings that look like they’re straight from a Wes Anderson film. Don’t worry. You don’t need to channel your inner First Lady or European Royalty to master the art of setting your table.

Our advice is always to start by thinking about the occasion. What are you hosting your dinner table in honour of? Your number of guests will also determine your table setting. Our gold 16-piece cutlery set is an elegant choice that adds warmth to your table setting, whether you’re hosting a colleague or your best friends.

If you’re hosting a larger dinner party and serving a traditional three-course meal, you’ll need a 56-piece cutlery set. This stainless steel Grunwerg cutlery set embodies understated elegance and works for any occasion, making it an ideal investment for fans of hosting regular dinner parties.

 This short step-by-step guide breaks down the art of setting your dinner table. Following these steps will help you fall in love with hosting dinner parties.

  1. Start with your tablecloth

Begin setting your table by choosing your tablecloth. It will set the tone for your tablescaping and give you a base to build your dinner table around. You’ll typically want to choose one that will help your cutlery set stand out.

  1. Set your plates

Your dinner table will quickly come to life when you start setting your plates. The dinner plate should go in the centre of each setting with a salad plate at the top. The bread plate should be aligned to the left of the salad plate. Place the butter knife horizontally across the bread plate. 

  1. Choose your cutlery and place it correctly

Choose your favourite Grunwerg cutlery set and start by working from the inside out. You want your flatware to match for every guest, including your cutlery set. Our Deco 56-piece cutlery set is a stainless steel style that works for any occasion.

 The first piece of cutlery to place beside the dinner plate is the fork. It should sit to the left of the plate with the salad fork placed to the left. The knife should go on the right side of the dinner plate. The spoon should be placed to the right of your knife. The last piece of cutlery to place is the dessert spoon, which should sit horizontally at the top of the dinner plate.

  1. Place your glasses by height

Glasses are just as important as your cutlery set. Water and wine glasses sit in the upper right corner in height order, with the water glass nearest the plate.

  1. Don’t forget about the little details

Build out your table settings by folding a napkin and adding it to each salad plate. You can also create a luxury feel for your dinner party by adding name cards to each setting.

  1. Optional: Add a teacup and saucer

Do you want to end your dinner party with a cup of tea? We all enjoy a soothing cup of tea or coffee at the end of an evening. You can finish off your dinner table with a cup and saucer by placing them below your glasses to be used during the dessert course.

Take your dinner parties to the next level with luxury cutlery courtesy of Grunwerg. Shop our cutlery collections and bring your dining table to life.

12 October , 2022