Afternoon tea is the classic British set-up, having been around since the nineteenth century as a ritual to prevent hunger during afternoon hours. This event is still traditional today for anyone wanting to indulge themselves in pure British culture (and tasty treats).

So, if you’re wanting to impress guests in your home or just want to treat yourself to the perfect afternoon tea, how can you go about doing this? What do you need to create the perfect Afternoon Tea?

How to create your perfect afternoon tea experience

Constructing your own afternoon tea doesn’t have to be difficult, but there are several things to consider in preparation for this classic feel good occasion. Do you want to have a theme? An Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatters Tea party would be amazing fun! Or how about Pride and Prejudice with regency tradition. There are a million different options out there, don't limit yourself. 

Pink theme afternoon tea, with teapot and scones

Set your scene

Firstly, you need to decide where your afternoon tea will take place. For this, take the number of guests, weather, and local venues into consideration. If there are too many visitors to fit in your dining room, perhaps you could brave an outdoor setting in your garden, providing that the British weather stays on your side! 

Decide on your spread

The Tea. Think about what tea you would like to serve, a citrusy Earl Grey, a bold Darjeeling or a traditional classic English Breakfast tea. Maybe have a bottle of bubbles on standby if you want to add some fizz to your occasion? The spread is what really aims to impress in the event of afternoon tea. Tea stands can be a great option for guests to choose their favourite things, with scones traditionally being placed on the top tier, then sandwiches, and then sweet treats on the bottom.

If your not much of a home cook, how about visiting local bakeries and delis and supporting the local community? Its a lot less clean up and you are boosting your local economy! 


Whilst providing food and drink is all well and good, you might decide to add a little more entertainment to keep your guests present. Perhaps introduce a quiz or fitting music. You could even bring a striking debate to the table to delve into: does the jam or cream go on the scone first?!

Afternoon tea Cake stand with artisan cakes and tea and coffee

Grunwerg products

Grunwerg, a company with 75 years of experience in the field of British kitchenware design, is here to help you replicate the perfect afternoon tea set-up at home. This can save you tonnes of money since you no longer have to rely on expensive restaurants and cafès for the ultimate afternoon tea experience. All you need is good company and the following products!

Cutlery Collections

Grunwerg’s span of stainless-steel cutlery can help you tackle any type of food you wish to include in your experience. This timeless cutlery can help bring any afternoon tea occasion to life, being ideally suited for casual get-togethers and sophisticated gatherings. Our premium cutlery can be purchased as individual pieces or in dining sets

Tea/Coffee Collections

What would afternoon tea be without a hot, comforting drink? Nothing screams British culture more than a classic cup of tea, so why not explore Grunwerg’s range of elegant teapots and milk jugs? Using loose tea leaves in one of these pots will offer you and your guests a more complex taste than teabags. Just ensure that the teacup handle is held between the thumb and fingers and that the cup is stirred in a back and forth motion rather than a circular one! If you’re more of a coffee person, this company also provides exemplary designed cafetières, coffee pots, and espresso makers which are all made to both last and impress.

Bellux Stainless Steel Tea Set and Afternoon Tea Cakes and Treats

Windsor 18/0 7-Piece Cake Set

Grunwerg’s Windsor 18/0 7-Piece Cake Set for 6 people is perfect for any group wanting to indulge in an afternoon tea cake. With 6 forks and 1 slice, these 7 stainless-steel pieces are all made to a high, durable standard whilst enveloping a classic design. The smooth round edges of the polished, teardrop handles can add a touch of contemporary design to any experience. This stylish set is also dishwasher safe, making it convenient for everyday use as well as those more sophisticated occurrences.

Windsor 18/0 Sugar Tong

Adding a touch of sweetness to your afternoon tea experience has never been easier with this durable, stainless-steel sugar tong. With Grunwerg ensuring that all its products are produced to a high standard with a classic design, this sugar tong is worked and polished carefully, whilst the teardrop handle can add a little style to any occasion.

Whatever you’re aiming to create with your afternoon tea at home, Grunwerg’s stunning range of kitchenware can help you achieve your aims in this area to the utmost quality. You can say goodbye to costly afternoon tea experiences and say hello to a more intimate and sophisticated home-dining experience!

07 March , 2022