Cutlery and children. At first, the two don’t seem to mix very well and you find yourself either having to spoon-feed your baby yourself or else face the mess of a complete dog’s dinner. Food on the table, the walls, the floor and especially caked all over the little one.  But don’t worry – this is normal! To learn when and how to ease your baby onto cutlery, read on and help them master getting food in their mouths instead of everywhere else. 


Every parent has their own methods, but whilst some babies can vary, most follow a similar pattern in this area. You may notice your baby begin to feed themselves when they are 9 months to 12 months. During this time, your baby will most likely be familiar with spoons and will be comfortable with bringing their hands and other objects to their mouth. After getting more confident with a spoon, you could start to introduce a fork.

At 2-years-old, you can still expect to be cutting up your child’s food. Demonstrate to them how to spear their food with a fork, allowing them to imitate you. To allow their confidence to blossom, be sure to introduce a variety of different foods with varying textures. After all, the child needs to learn how to deal with all types of food rather than just one!


Again, the method varies slightly for every family when it comes to guiding your children through life. However, you can take away a few useful tips to get you and your child started in this area. As mentioned above, it’s recommended to start the baby on just a spoon, allowing them to put all their attention into just one area. Choosing a soft spoon is always a sensible idea since this utensil will encounter your baby’s gums.

If your baby doesn’t show interest in grabbing the spoon, you may want to encourage the baby yourself by dipping it in some food and simply handing it to them. You could experiment with a variety of different spoons, discovering what works for your little one.

One of the key things to do in teaching your baby how to use cutlery is by doing it yourself. By modelling what they are supposed to be doing, your child will eventually mirror what you do. Furthermore, sitting with your child when they are trying to use cutlery is effective because you can help guide them and implement more role modelling. A lot of the learning is just about showing your baby how to do things, including how they can scoop things with a spoon and stab things with a fork. These techniques are usually perfected at around 5-years-old.

What Grunwerg has to offer

Grunwerg’s team works tirelessly to produce high-quality cutlery, even constructing small sizes which are ideal for little hands! Recommended for children excelling 4-years-old, these stainless-steel sets are just what your child needs to start dining as they should.

Windsor 4-piece child’s cutlery set

This 18/0 stainless steel children’s cutlery set is the perfect size for infants being introduced to cutlery for the very first time. Finished and polished to a high standard, these durable pieces have been shaped to perfection to allow for easy handling. Your children can feel grown up with the traditional design, just like the adults.

Westminster 4-piece child’s cutlery set

The Westminster children’s cutlery set also doesn’t compromise on durability and quality with its incorporation of 18/10 premium stainless-steel construction and highly polished mirror finish. Designed to create a luxury feel, this set also comes with a gift box to add a little style and fun to your children’s cutlery.

Windsor 4-piece child’s boxed cutlery set

This Windsor design combines classic aesthetics with a high standard of quality. Made of durable stainless steel, the set is encased in the perfect gift box. The smooth rounded edges and teardrop handle offer your child an easy grasp on these cutlery pieces, making them ideal for daily use.

You should be able to see that Grunwerg is here to help your child through the daily practice of using cutlery in the easiest way possible. Whilst providing your little one with a guide to get better in their dining experiences, you can also offer them style and sophistication which can fit into any dinner event!

16 March , 2022
Tags: children