Do you see yourself as a bit of a cheese lover? If you do, then having the right cheese knives to maximise your cheese-eating experience is crucial. It may seem simple to slice this heavenly-sent food, but how which is the right knife to use with each cheese? No one wants to cut a brie with a cheddar knife right?

Which Cheese Knife should you be utilising?

 With endless types of cheese and cheese knives out there, selecting the right one for the right task can sometimes be very challenging. So, take a look below to impress your guests with an impressive cheese board with the right tools for the job.

three stainless steel cheese knives on a black slate background with various cheese

Cheddar Knife

The cheddar knife used to cut one of the most popular types of cheeses: cheddar. This cheese knife has been crafted to cut hard cheeses, its cleaver shaped design featuring a wide blade to allow the user to utilise balance and force to push it downwards. Break out the crackers and a craft mustard to get the most out of your harder cheeses.

Soft Cheese Knife

The soft cheese knife is perfect for cutting – you guessed it – soft to semi-soft cheese. Working well on cheeses like camembert and brie, this knife bears holes in the blade to prevent the cheese from sticking. We recommend a tang fruity condiment with soft cheese - perfection!

Flat Cheese Knife

This cheese knife is designed to cut slices from aged cheese, with the user vertically holding the blade over the cheese before pushing downwards. Featuring a flat, paddle-like blade, this item is perfect for Swiss and Asiago cheeses.

Soft cheese knife cutting through brie on a cheese board

Cheese Spreader

This knife features a rounded blade, making it perfect for applying cheese spreads onto crackers. With a dull edge, this knife works best on soft cheese like gorgonzola or cream cheese. Try a sweet chilli jam with your soft cheese to really make it sing!

Pronged Cheese Knife

The pronged cheese knife has multiple purposes, allowing the user to slice a piece of cheese and pick it up with the prongs. It features a narrow blade, the minimal surface area stopping soft cheese from sticking to it. As a product that works best on soft to semi-hard cheeses, this knife is ideal for parmesan and gouda.

Cheese Wire

This product offers a very comfortable handle and a fine wire for cleanly slicing a vast array of cheeses. Users simply have to place the cheese on a board and slice it vertically downwards. It’s perfect for tackling soft to semi-hard cheeses!

How Grunwerg can help?

Grunwerg has a variety of cheese knives and utensils to maximise your cheese board. Our reputation proceeds us for product products that are long lasting and elegant. Impress your friends and guests with out stainless steel cheese knives which make eating cheese easy - Everyone wants to get stuck in to the cheesy goodness!

Thee cheese knife set on a white background

Windsor 18/0 Cheese Knives

Grunwerg’s Set of 3 Cheese Knives provides flawless high standards interwoven with a timeless stainless-steel construction. Customers can now enjoy any cheese which they desire in the easiest way possible with this stylish and durable set. Designed for precise

Windsor 18/0 Set of 2 Jam/cheese Spreaders

Our Windsor 18/0 jam spreader knife pair is perfect for everyday use, a favourite that has started to regularly feature on customers’ breakfast tables and afternoon tea spreads. Being just the product which you need to put soft cheese and other spreads onto your bread, crackers, and crumpets, they even come with a stylish teardrop handle design which can help give your home a contemporary feel.

Windsor 18/0 Serrated Soft Cheese Knife

This durable soft cheese knife is a kitchen essential that you didn’t know you needed. Being both functional and stylish, this stainless-steel product has been carefully crafted to ensure that feasting upon a delicious cheeseboard can be done in the right way. 

Windsor 18/10 Butter Knife

This stainless-steel butter knife oozes simplicity and the ultimate functionality. Being a knife that you can use daily, the ergonomic handle is easy to grasp and use, whilst its classic, stylish design will be sure to stand the test of time. Butter and cheese go hand in hand right?

Windsor 18/0 4-Piece Cheese Set

As the ultimate cheese knife set for any cheese lover, using this can help you interweave style, practicality, and ease into your dining experience in the simplest way possible. Taking your approach to cheese to the next level, these modern, stainless-steel knives have been specifically crafted with cheese in mind. With teardrop handles and a polished finish, these cheese knives can also help you impress any guest.

Hopefully, this guide will help you become more confident in the kitchen when it comes to serving up your favourite cheese, or presenting a delicious cheese board. It’s time to add a little more sophistication into your dining experience and start impressing your guests!

24 February , 2022
Tags: cheese