Salt and pepper seasonings are the most popular staples used in a variety of cuisines across the world, and their importance should never be overlooked. Freshly grinding a sprinkling of salt and pepper on a dish can take it from a mediocre taste to one full of life and flavour.

Similar to spices, freshly ground salt and pepper is always said to be far better than pre-milled types in terms of both flavour and texture. This is why investing in a good salt and pepper mill set is crucial for raising your cooking game. Check out how to approach these kitchen items and why they are a worthwhile investment!


fish and chips on a slate place matt with salt shaker and pepper mill

Features to look out for

There are certain factors to look out for when purchasing salt and pepper mills – and the price is only one of them. The best mills should be easy to fill, simple to use, and built to last. With the durable quality, consider what materials have been used to construct the product, including the metals within the grinder. Some metals corrode quicker than others, making this an important factor in the length of the product’s lifespan. Furthermore, the ideal grinder is one that produces both coarse and fine grounds of salt and pepper.

Freshly ground or pre-ground?

Freshly ground salt and pepper are much better than the pre-ground versions. This applies to other seasonings too. These ingredients always taste better when they are fresher, with stronger flavours. The pre-milled versions of the ingredients often go stale faster since spice begins to react to the oxygen surrounding it as soon as it is ground. This is most certainly why professional chefs use freshly ground salt and pepper for their own dishes.

If this wasn’t enough, salt and pepper mills are also better because the mills are reusable. Pre-milled salt and pepper are often found in disposable, plastic mills which end up in landfill sites. Keeping your mills and reusing them is not only kinder to our environment but can also serve as a stylish design on your dining table.

Two in one salt and pepper shaker on a picnic bench on a sunny day

Filling up your salt and pepper mills

Now that you’ve seen the benefits that salt and pepper mills have, it’s now time for you to learn how you actually use them. Whilst filling up the mills may seem simple, some products are actually more challenging to refill than others. To stop salt grains and peppercorns from going everywhere, it might be worth using a funnel or spout to pour the ingredients smoothly into the mill’s opening.

Using your salt and pepper mills

If you are looking to purchase a manual salt and pepper mill set, they work based on the movement of the grinder. This is normally composed of two sharp wheels which grind together when turned. When the owner begins twisting the grinder, the wheels will get to work and break up the coarse salt or peppercorns. Some grinders have settings so you can make chunky or fine pieces of salt and pepper – whatever suits your individual recipe.

Aside from filling up and grinding the mill, other factors matter in maintaining your product too. Making sure the product is clean is crucial before using it. Furthermore, making sure to turn the grinder in just one direction since twisting it back and forth could cause the clogging of dust, causing uneven ground sizes.

Stainless Steel salt and pepper mills in a kitchen

Grunwerg salt and pepper mills

Grunwerg has a vast array of salt and pepper mill products to suit every customer’s individual needs. Used in restaurants and hotels across the UK and Europe, these products are built to a professional standard with the aim of producing flavourful salt and pepper grounds fit to bring life to any dish. Whether you want a two-in-one mill, a large-sized piece, or a stainless-steel finish, this reputable company can bring your culinary dreams into reality.

20 January , 2022