Always wondered how to brew the perfect coffee? A mug of hot coffee is a staple in many of our lives, with many people depending on their morning cup to function for the rest of the day. There are several ways to brew coffee, varying in difficulty and successful results.

To find out how you can create coffee to impress any guest and even yourself, discover the best products and tips to assist you in the kitchen today!

How to make coffee with a cafetière

You may not have used a cafetière before, but the process of brewing coffee with this item is fairly simple.

Firstly, boil your kettle of water and leave it to stand for around one minute. Following this, add your ground coffee to the cafetière (one scoop for every cup), and fill the cafetière with the off-boiling water. Simply stir the coffee several times and top up with more water if required. After this, wait around three to four minutes and keep the lid firmly on the product to keep the liquid warm. Slowly, push down on the cafetière filter and serve up! Cafetière coffee produces a much more quality, French-tasting drink than regular instant coffee, creating a bolder taste without any barista training needed.


Stainless steel cafetiere pouring fresh brewed coffee


Making cold brew coffee

With cold brew coffee becoming more popular as time goes on, it’s sometimes worth refining your coffee making skills in this area to suit any guests or customers’ needs. With the coffee grounds being brewed in cold water and left to chill for up to a day, cold brew coffee is gaining more interest as a product that serves to highlight original fruit flavours. The cold brew process works to neutralise the acidity of the coffee grinds, removing the bitter taste sometimes produced from a regular hot brew. With a multi-layered, clean, and fruity taste, this drink is all about extracting those flavours to make your experience extra special.

There are different types of coffee you can use to perfect your brew, each depending on individual preferences of tastes. Lighter roasts are particularly suited to the cold brewing process because they are closest in taste to the natural bean ingredient.

To make cold brew coffee, purchasing a cold brew bottle is the way to go. Add a portion of coarsely ground coffee to the cold brew bottle’s filter section and fill it with cold water. Stir the grinds and seal the lid in place before putting the mix in the fridge overnight to cool. After leaving the bottle for at least eight hours, pour into a glass to serve and enjoy!

Grunwerg’s coffee products

Grunwerg’s range of coffee grinders, cafetières, stainless-steel Moka pots, and espresso makers can suit a range of customer needs with a high-quality, luxury finish. With this company taking pride in choosing the finest materials such as stainless-steel bodies that are incredibly robust and long wearing, and sleek designs compliment every environment.

Grunwerg encourages customers to make their coffee with stainless steel espresso makers and coffee pots. By heating water in the lower chamber and using the water vapour product to brew your coffee, this specialised technique can make memorable mugs of cleverly crafted tastes.

Stainless steel coffee scoop getting ready to brew coffee


With ranging features being designed with the perfect cup of coffee in mind, Grunwerg’s stainless-steel cafetière products and French presses are ideal for both home and restaurant use. Whether you want to construct the perfect morning cup of coffee to start your day or simply want to impress guests with a sip of luxury, Grunwerg’s range of products can help you out.

Whilst a cup of coffee might seem insignificant, that first cup can make the difference between a good day and a bad day. Life is too short to drink rubbish coffee. Furthermore, it can even help encourage bonding moments between loved ones all over the world.

If you want the reputation of being the finest coffee maker in your house, investing in a couple of quality Grunwerg products can transform your breakfast, coffee break, and lunchtime meal into a memorable and luxurious experience. Start treating yourself today in the easiest way possible!

12 January , 2022