With so many kitchen tools out there, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start with buying the right equipment. So, whether you want to declutter your kitchen or are starting the buying process from scratch, read on for more information on the kitchen utensils which every kitchen needs.

How many utensils do you actually need?

The answer to this question depends on what you are making. People who like to expand their expertise to barbecue dishes, fish, and even baking will need more equipment than those who like sticking to the basics. Looking through different recipes can be a great way to tell what you need, with most including an equipment list. Using the incorrect utensils sometimes gives you extra work or could even ruin a whole dish, meaning it’s important to get them right.

Firstly, let’s look at the most necessary kitchen essentials. These items are usually required in any type of food preparation.

Stainless steel kitchen utensils straining spoon and serving spoon

Serving spatulas and spoons: These items are multi-purpose, designed to help anyone serve up a dish with minimal effort. This will keep things quick and clean, preventing the food from going cold in the little time you spend transferring it from one place to another. Check out the Grunwerg serving cutlery range.

Chopping boards: To prepare food properly, every kitchen needs a chopping board. This allows you to dice a variety of different foods hygienically, with different colour options available to avoid cross-contamination.

Scales: With every recipe requiring different measurements, it’s important to weigh out your ingredients to minimise food waste and get accurate serving portions! Reducing food waste can also help save you money in the long run.

Tongs: Tongs create an easy process of moving food from A to B. Being quick and simple for a variety of foods, tongs are especially popular for those who love grilling food. 

Thermometers: Measuring the temperature of food, storage places, and your actual cooking equipment, thermometers are a must-have as a health and safety hazard. Every food item you buy should say at which temperature it should be stored, meaning that measuring the temperature of your storage areas can give you the peace of mind you need to store your food safely.

After having looked at the bare essentials, you might now be wondering what other utensils you potentially need. As said above, this all depends on what you actually cook, and how you want to serve your food.

Serving up!

For runny foods likes soup and stews, you may want to use a ladle. The ladle is constructed with a long handle and deep capacity to allow the cook to create precise portions with minimal waste.

Furthermore, scoops are handy for hard items like ice cream. Ice cream is sometimes difficult to get out of its tub. But with ice cream scoops being designed to be firm and durable against this dessert, they can certainly make serving up an easier process.

To go a step further, some recipes may want you to finish off a dish with a blowtorch. This is particularly common for desserts such as meringue.

Stainless steel kitchen utensils - fish slice being used at a BBQ

Meat preparation

Having the right meat preparation tools can shorten the time you spend making a dish and make it look better. Meat tenderisers work to soften and flatten cuts of meat into a consistent thickness.

Furthermore, shredding claws are commonly used on duck and pork meat to make it look increasingly appealing, whilst professional chef knives work best on tough meat.


It’s always handy to have the right baking utensils in case the occasion arrives. Birthday events call for cakes, whilst an anniversary may inspire you to take on a challenge.

The mixing bowl is probably the most obvious utensil you need for baking. Whilst you can mix ingredients in regular bowls, mixing bowls give you extra room for manoeuvre – especially if you’re baking a large mix. This item also allows room for whisks to work, whilst its durable material lets it withstand the pressure.

Furthermore, cooling racks can give your food an even finish, with every food you bake needing to cool down effectively following the bake. Also, don’t forget your sieve and rolling pin!


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25 January , 2022