Choosing the right teapot might not seem like an important decision, but when tea is life the right teapot is everything. There’re countless different designs out there, so how do you choose the best teapot to make the perfect cup of tea? 

Does the teapot you choose affect taste?

The simple answer to this one is yes, the type of teapot you buy can indeed affect the taste of your cup of tea! Stainless steel, cast iron, and porous ceramics may influence the taste for your cuppa. You want a teapot that will brew your tea and not leave a noticeable after taste, which can happen with unglazed ceramic teapots 

Types of teapots

These types of products can be divided by the characteristics they have. If you use loose leaf tea, you will need a teapot with a fine strainer or an infuser teapot. The material and durability are the main factors you need to consider when choosing between these different teapot types. The best material really does depend on your individual needs, and what tea you want to brew. The best design is what fits with your own personal style, and the style of your space. 

  • Stoneware teapots are pretty good for many different types of tea and can often be put in the dishwasher.
  • Glass teapots best suit those who want to brew floral, green, and light oolong teas and want to wash the pot in the dishwasher.
  • Porcelain teapots are ideal for tea blends that you brew utilising slightly cooler water like green or white tea. However, you can’t wash these pots in the dishwasher.
  • Unglazed ceramic teapots are perfect for darker oolongs and black tea, although you can’t wash them with washing liquid or in the dishwasher.
  • Stainless steel teapots are probably the most popular type, ideal for those who don’t want to pay too much, and want a long lasting product. They are also easy to clean.

Stainless steel or ceramic?

 These two types are the most popular choices. Tea lovers should opt for ceramic teapots if they want an aesthetically pleasing item that may contribute to the tea’s flavour. Ceramic teapots chip easily compared to stainless steel. They can also be prone to staining. However, a stainless steel teapot may be an excellent choice if you desire the classic look. The long lasting and hardwearing materials ensure breakages are non existent.


 If you’re on the hunt for the perfect teapot, Grunwerg can help you out. We have decades of experience in crafting quality British teaware designs. Customers regularly rely on us when it comes to creating the ideal afternoon tea setting.

Bellux 1.4L teapot

 One of the most popular teapot is Grunwerg’s Bellux 1.4L teapot. This double-walled teapot ensures that your tea is kept at the perfect temperature for longer. It is constructed of 18/10 premium stainless steel, with a luxury bellied design and finish with a non-drip pouring spout. Being easy to clean and durable, this teapot will help you add a elegant touch into your tea experience.

Art Deco 1.2L teapot

 The Art Deco stainless steel teapot includes modern features with a classic design. The cool-touch hollow handle, mirror finish, and a non-drip pour spout to allow you to upgrade your tea drinking experience to the next level. This stylish teaware product has been designed to last with a durable stainless steel construction.

Cafe Ole 1.4L teapot - Granite effect

Brew your tea in style. With a grey granite finish, you can submerge yourself into a quality brew, made with a premium teapot. As a quality 18/10 stainless steel product, you can experience a cool touch with the hollow handle and a sip of luxury. Further still, you’d never waste a drop of tea with the built-in strainer, making it a wholly practical product!

Sandringham 1.5L teapot

 This hammered copper finish teapot features a unique style. Its the teapot that will stand out from anything your guests have seen before. The stunning finish creates an attractive result, whether you opt for the copper finish or the stainless steel. Whatever option you choose, these hammered teapots are striking in a way that will catch any guest’s eye.

Café Olé 1.2L white infuser teapot

 A loose leaf tea lovers dream! This easy-to-use infuser teapot with an infuser is ideal for trying out new flavours and blends. With features such as a hard-wearing glass body, plastic handle and twist-open lid, its a firm favourite with tea lovers. Ideal for hot or cold tea, our infuser teapot is easy to use, clean and store.

Tea accessories

 Grunwerg also offers a range of tea and coffee accessories to help you reduce your costs and enjoy your favourite brew. Our collection provides everything you need to construct the perfect cuppa for you. Whether you require a airtight canister or tea strainer or tea infuser.

Café Olé dice shape tea infuser

Our premium stainless steel dice shape infuser can fit into any mu or tea cup. This tea infuser is fun, practical, and designed to withstand daily use. Additionally, what could be better perfect brew and a quick and easy clean-up?

Café Olé mesh heart tea infuser

You’ll fall in love with this adorable heart-shaped tea infuser instead. Constructed from 18/10 stainless steel, its made for daily use. Easy to use on the go, fully portable and perfect for any tea or coffee lover. Simply add in loose leaf tea and pop it in cold or hot water. It’s that easy!

Grunwerg can help you take your afternoon tea experiences, mid-break brews, and teatimes to the next level! With durability, style, and sophistication, tea and coffee lovers should start to enjoy these products. It’s time to enjoy your perfect cuppa everyday!

20 April , 2022