Are you searching for a cutlery set? You may be uncertain about what you should invest in. After all, buying a cutlery set is an investment worth consideration  – it should last you a long time and be with you through countless everyday meals and special moments. As time goes on, coloured cutlery designs have started to gain popularity, they really stand out from the shiny silver steel we are used to seeing. So, what designs are out there and what features should you be looking for? 

18/10 Stainless steel

As an alloy constructed mainly from carbon and iron, stainless steel is used for its high-strength benefits which keep it from corroding and rusting. Nickel and chromium can be added to the alloy to give utensils an attractive, shiny finish as well as unbreakable strength. Stainless steel is a useful material to look out for when buying cutlery since it is normally more durable, stronger, and better quality than pieces containing only one singular metal.

In particularly, 18/10 stainless steel is good to look out for when purchasing cutlery since it contains a higher percentage of both nickel and chromium compared to 18/0 stainless steel. The higher percentage will lead to ultimately better quality material, enhancing longevity – which is crucial when investing in a cutlery set!

So, what kind of designs are currently trending on our market?

Black: a striking colour for a striking meal

As an iconic colour, black is becoming the new silver where cutlery is concerned, making utensil sets pop with sophisticated elegance. Black cutlery pairs particularly well with pure white and China red colours, with each enhancing the aesthetic effect of the other.

Add a special effect to your dining experience

In particular, the colour gold can add a touch of luxury to your dinner table, although other trending metallic colours such as copper and rose gold can also give your traditional designs a modern, colourful twist. The spectrum of colours available including in the rainbow has become a popular finish, with kids loving the colourful designs as well as adults. Thankfully, Grunwerg offers coloured cutlery designs with a high quality finish and 18/10 stainless steel, making them durable and long lasting - and stands out as the high quality option.

Practical elements of design are also sometimes overlooked, with an elegantly thin handle transforming the shimmering cutlery design into a truly visual appetiser. Slim, contemporary designs are often said to calm down the dinner table, whilst gleaming, colourful finishes can offer a playful and excitable culture that takes from the traditionally classic design.

Presenting your coloured cutlery

Layering your tableware is an efficient way to make a big statement at your dinner table, especially when contrasting patterns, textures, and colours are involved to create that eye-catching effect. You could try tying your new cutlery in with specific parts of the tableware to prevent it from looking too random, bringing together a final, finishing look that presents itself with balance and elegance. This is often difficult to get right, however, we might be able to guide you. For example, if you opt for gold cutlery, you may decide to combine this with a calmer plate design, balancing out the boldness of the shining metal to construct a colourful, eye-catching, and well-considered table setting. Don't forget to explore our guide on how to set a table to ensure your dining table is looking perfect.  

Gold cutlery on a white table on a with green accents - wedding celebration

Grunwerg products

At Grunwerg, customers will be able to find a range of products that suit their individual needs. With 75 years of experience in crafting kitchenware designs, anyone can put their faith in this company to deliver truly exquisite stainless-steel cutlery sets. With such a wide span of cutlery collections available, keen shoppers will be sure to find something which stands out to them personally. The same goes for Grunwerg’s coloured cutlery set options, which allows customers to make their dining experience pop with both vibrancy and sophistication.

Coloured Cutlery: rainbow 16-piece cutlery set for 4 people

Constructed from 18/10 stainless steel with a premium PVD coated finish, this rainbow 16-piece cutlery set offers buyers a bold, bright statement design without compromising high quality. This luxury rainbow cutlery set is ideal for anyone on the hunt for a classic item infused with a modern twist. This eye-catching design can bring your everyday dinnertime to life!

Coloured Cutlery: copper 16-piece cutlery set for 4 people

Containing 4 table knives, table forks, dessert spoons, and teaspoons of quality 18/10 stainless steel, this copper cutlery set hits the highest levels of both durability and style. This simple yet eye-catching design comes with a high polish mirror finish, helping anyone take on a meal with sheer elegance.

Coloured Cutlery: black 16-piece cutlery set for 4 people

Coming with a sleek, modern finish, this 18/10 stainless steel black cutlery set is ideal for both everyday use and special occasions. This classic Windsor design has been crafted for impeccable durability, whilst the PVD coated finish adds a polished touch to inject luxury into any table setting. As 2.5mm gauge flatware, these utensils are easy and comfortable to hold, making the modern twist on a traditional design even more attractive.

Coloured Cutlery: gold 16-piece cutlery set for 4 people

Nothing screams luxury more than gold, so why not invest in a gold coated cutlery set? Grunwerg offers an 18/10 stainless steel set of 4 table knives, table forks, dessert spoons, and teaspoons for anyone wanting something with a little more durability and a little more style. Polished to an impeccable shine and embracing a PVD coated finish, these gold utensils are set to impress any guest. Add a little intrigue to your next dinner party with these eye-catching designs!

Hopefully, you will be able to see that Grunwerg has a lot to offer to a lot of different customers. Whatever your needs, this experienced company is here for you to provide the ultimate tools to take on your next meal! So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at Grunwerg’s coloured cutlery options today and submerge yourself in a world of bold colour and sophistication.

29 March , 2022