Vektra is the world’s first thermal insulated electric kettle. With just one boil, your water will stay hot for up to four hours. Less boiling, less energy, less hassle.

Vektra kettles have a safety push level which ensures there
are no spills or accidents, and they also feature a comfortable ergonomic handle for easy use. The only plastic used on the product is on the trim and handle. Our kettles are free from banned substances while also being CE certified for safety, which is much better for the environment and gives you
peace of mind.

Available in a range of sizes and colours, Vektra Eco kettles
have the functionality and style to make them suitable in any setting, whether it’s a kitchen, office space or even a busy restaurant. The kettles have a sturdy 360° base which means they are suited for left and right-hand use.

By using the Vektra over a week, you could save enough energy to light your whole house for a full day

Eco Friendly Kettle

The efficiency of the Vektra vacuum insulation means that
once boiled, the water inside the kettle will stay piping hot for up to four hours, reducing the need to re boil every few hours when you need a brew.

Using the appliance cost guidelines provided by npower in the UK, the energy used to boil a kettle is the same amount used to power a light bulb for 4 hours - so by using the Vektra over a week, you could save enough energy (and money) to light your whole house for a full day.

Not only does the vacuum insulation keep your water hot, it
keeps the outer wall of the kettle cool, so it is safe to touch, even when boiling. This gives the Vektra kettle a real advantage over standard electric kettles with a metallic body, as we know they can become extremely hot and may pose a risk to the user.

Another safety feature of the Vektra kettle is the anti-spill lever-controlled lid and the non-drip spout. If the kettle were to be knocked over or dropped, only a small trickle of water should escape, reducing the risk of accidents. Vektra kettle was designed for those with busy, active lifestyles. It’s the perfect appliance for a lively household with children, a fast-paced environment such as a working kitchen or office space, or even a moving vehicle such as a camper van or boat.