Tamahagne epitomizes the finest quality steel, with its root in Japanese Samurai sword legend. The word tama means “round and precious” like a jewel, and hagane means “steel” – roughly translating as precious steel. 

Repeatedly rolled to a thickness of 2mm, the knives are crafted to be strong sharp and perfectly balanced. Tamahagane knives are the epitome of Japanese master craftsmanship, and look and feel sublime. The blade of Tamahagane knives is comprised of 3 layers. An inner core of VG-5 and two outer layers of SUS-41 material. These three layers which start off with an initial thickness of 20mm are rolled and thinned to just 2mm.

The 3 ply stainless steel construction allows for a strong blade, but the softer outer layers allow for exceptional edge retention and precise cutting edge.

The Tamahane knife collection are perfect for professional chefs as well an aspiring amateur chefs looking to expertly hone their skills. With a variety of different aesthetics to suit your taste Tamahagane stay true to Japanese style and design. The ergonomic handles and precise weight and balance ensures comfort in the hand.