Since the early 1900s, Sumikama has been dedicated to crafting the best Japanese knives
possible. Using the master craftsmanship of over 100 years of sword making, Seki city is the well established centre of beautiful Japanese knives.

Kasumi translates to mist in Japanese, which is understandable considering the picturesque
setting of Seki, crystal clear waters meander through forests and hills with mist crowning the peaks. Sumikama was one of the first manufactures to use Damascus steel with VG-10, resulting in a variety of ranges of perfectly balanced and efficient
Japanese knives.

Crafted from exceptional VG-10 and 32 layers of Damascus steel

Using techniques originally used in Japanese Samurai sword making, Kasumi is crafted from Damascus steel with a VG-10 core. The 32 layers of stainless steel give the Kasumi knives their signature haze pattern, mirroring the misty cloud surrounding Seki. Favoured by professional chefs, Kasumi is long lasting and holds its razor sharp edge after prolonged use.