In an era where environmental consciousness takes centre stage, at Grunwerg we are committed to addressing our own carbon footprint and actively participating in industry-wide efforts to mitigate climate change and combat the global climate crisis.

We firmly believe that every choice we make can contribute to a greener future. Our new Recycled Plastic Cutlery is a testament to this commitment. Crafted from 100% recycled plastic, specifically rPET, recovered from recycling, this collection offers a durable and stylish alternative to conventional single-use plastic utensils.

Our Recycled Plastic Cutlery isn't just any plastic—it's a conscious choice. rPET is a high-quality, durable plastic that is commonly used in plastic bottles and food containers. By utilising post-consumer and post-industrial rPET plastics, we reduce waste and conserve valuable resources. This eco-conscious approach not only minimises environmental impact but also helps close the recycling loop, making it the environmentally friendly choice for cutlery sets.

Sustainability doesn't mean compromising on style. Greenworks' full-tang 18/0 cutlery comes in an array of elegant and contemporary designs, making it the ideal choice for intimate dining settings and everyday use. Additionally, we are proud to offer a 3-piece children's set, specially designed with younger diners in mind, ensuring that sustainability becomes a family affair.

We’re not just stopping at our new cutlery line. Dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint across all fronts, we are actively removing plastic from the packaging of both new and old products, minimising waste, and ensuring our products reach you with the least environmental impact possible. Furthermore, we have invested in a range of energy-efficient technologies, including electric cars for our fleet, solar panels to harness clean energy, electric heating systems to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and sensor lights to prevent unnecessary energy usage.

 These efforts underscore our commitment to a greener and more sustainable future and helps us be one step closer to reaching our ambitious aim to achieve Net Zero emissions, specifically in scope 1 and 2, by the year 2030.

15 February , 2024
Tags: Grunwerg News