A slender hourglass pattern with a simple yet elegant design that smooths out into rounded ends. When we set about creating our stand out Sheaf Collection for the Rivers range of cutlery we knew that the design had to be a timeless classic which felt comfortable in every hand with the potential to complement any table setting.

Sheaf is slender, elegant and seriously sophisticated 

This collection of course is named after the famous river Sheaf, which had a huge part to play in making Sheffield one of the first cities in the world to become an industrial powerhouse. The Sheaf in fact is the river which gives Sheffield its name dating back to Anglo Saxon times.

Fast forward to modern day and the Sheaf is itself coming back to life after many years of pollution with nature returning to its waters. In many ways this collection is a celebration of our heritage with a sophisticated flare that reflects the ever changing cosmopolitan nature of our home city.

So what sort of setting should you look at creating when it comes to celebrating this winter with Sheaf as your cutlery centrepiece? We personally think you need to look no further than bringing in a touch of nature to your dining table which you’ll easily find by just stepping outdoors.

Gather elements of nature from your doorstep

Our table backdrop above is a herringbone mixed wool throw in a deep sage green hue. Be bold and experiment with different textiles on your table, they add texture, colour and interest and are essential if you’re looking to devise a theme and make a statement.

We were lucky in gathering the very last of the rosehips which adds an essential pop of seasonal red to our tablescape. Dried thistles, ivy, evergreen pine and conifer cuttings give a fuss free approach to decoration. We prefer a simple look - nothing that involves an oasis and hours of flower school training.

Tableware that has contrasting glazed patterns in deep blues and greens complements the inspiration of nature for the Sheaf collection. This cutlery is seriously elegant so really any colourways and pattern you put around it will look great.

Rocky crags and moody skies make their way indoors

Our abstract painted backdrop above takes its influence from the rocky crags of the Peak District, south of Sheffield with Stanage Edge being a particular favourite here at Grunwerg. A touch of oriental elegance from the Japanese cast iron trivet pictured below also provides another layer of visual interest with a touch of deeper red.

It's all about creating a sense of timelessness and wanderlust devoted to the environment around us. You don’t have to journey far to evoke a feeling of calm and serenity and just taking the time to bring that indoors to your dining experience will have a calming effect. After all, gathering round together to dine should be a relaxing, restorative experience – just like walking alongside an ancient river like the Sheaf for inspiration.

Leaves turn from yellow to golden brown

24 November , 2022