The Loxley Collection is an exquisite fusion of timeless sophistication and versatile design, destined to harmoniously complement any table setting, be it a formal affair or a casual get-together. In the realm of fine dining and culinary aesthetics, the right cutlery holds the power to transform an ordinary meal into an extraordinary culinary experience.

Simplistic, sophisticated and timeless

Drawing inspiration from the meandering paths of rivers, the Loxley Collection's fluid curves evoke a sense of grace and movement, while the captivating mirror-finish exudes an alluring touch of glamour. Each piece is crafted with an artistic finesse, reflecting the sheer beauty of nature, and infusing a tranquil aura into your dining moments. No matter the occasion, whether it's a cherished family dinner or an elegant soirée with guests, the Loxley Collection is certain to leave a lasting impression with its understated yet undeniably sophisticated elegance.

A dark tablecloth to make the cutlery stand off the table setting

Meticulously crafted from premium 18/10 stainless steel, the Loxley Collection stands the test of time, boasting exceptional durability. Count on this collection to maintain its pristine condition for years to come. The range offers a variety of options to suit your needs, from intimate 16-piece sets ideal for cozy gatherings to comprehensive 72-piece sets perfect for grander events. Its enduring elegance and unwavering quality transform it into an heirloom, destined to be passed down through generations creating beautiful memories and enriching the joy of dining for years to come.

Compliments any tableware or colour scheme 

To accentuate the elegant design of this cutlery set, we have artfully combined Loxley with a deep blue table runner, complemented by lighter blue pottery, evoking the serene waters of the river Loxley. This thoughtful pairing not only elevates the overall tablescape but also enhances the brilliance of the cutlery itself, allowing it to exquisitely stand out on the tablescape and bask in its radiance.

03 August , 2023