Enjoying interesting and meaningful conversations over a well-crafted meal, trying new cuisines, relaxing in ambience, and escaping the washing up. It’s safe to say that nothing can replace the feelings of indulgence and excitement when dining in a restaurant.  

However, many aspects of the restaurant experience that we all enjoy can be easily replicated at home.

Whether you are planning a romantic date night with your love, or having guests over, here are the most important things you need to create a memorable dining experience from the comfort of your own home.


Select a Theme

Be it an inviting Italian bistro, energetic Mexican feast, or cosy and comforting pie night. Focusing on a theme gives you the chance to transform your evening into a unique and memorable experience. Selecting a theme will also give you a direction to focus on when planning your menu, décor and all other elements that will make up your home restaurant experience.


Decorate Your Space to Create Ambience

You don’t need to splash out on a range of new interiors, just a few additions and alterations can set the scene. First and foremost, it is essential to clear the space where you are planning on dining to give yourself a blank canvas: there is nothing less relaxing and uninviting than sitting amongst clutter, then you can get creative!

The most crucial element to focus on is lighting. Lighting can make or break the mood, so it is worth spending some time perfecting it. Make the most of small lamps rather than an overhead ceiling light; this will make your space feel more welcoming. Candles and fairy lights will help create a magical atmosphere, and a thoughtful selection of music will complement your theme.

Make sure everything is prepared before guests arrive so that they are immediately immersed in the ambience you have thoughtfully created.


Set the Menu

If you have already chosen a theme, then this should also influence your menu: a gourmet pizza for an Italian night, or tacos and fajitas for a Mexican. A good starting point is to have a starter, main and dessert. Laying out snacks and wine for when guests arrive is also a great idea to keep everyone happy and buy time until the food is ready. 

Although cooking a meal at home isn’t anything out the ordinary, cooking a meal that is restaurant quality, or cooking for guests might be slightly daunting. If cooking from scratch isn’t for you, then don’t be put off! Many top-level restaurants are now offering a take-away option, and many supermarkets offer high-quality, multiple-course dine-in meals that you can put together at home.

If you are up for the challenge and are cooking yourself, make sure you prepare everything well in advance. For the sake of your own time, and sanity, choose only one complicated dish and supplement the rest of the meal with a few carefully chosen store-bought items.


Break out the Special Dinnerware

Dinnerware is the main and first attraction of any dinner party, which enhances your meals and sets the mood. The theme and functionality of your dinner party are deciding factors when choosing which dinnerware to use.

Neutral tableware such as white or ivory, is the most versatile of formal dinnerware sets which promise to not distract from the food, however, if you are hosting a Mexican night, brightly coloured crockery will be more fitting, or a pie night? A fantastic mini casserole dish would work wonders.

The right silverware compliments both the appearance and flavour of the food and sets the atmosphere. However, it must be suitable for the dishes. Serving a steak? A Steak knife is vital, or serving soup as a starter? A teaspoon or dessert spoon would really disappoint the meal.

If chosen and styled correctly, the right silverware and dinnerware will create ambience and character which adds immensely to the décor and overall dining experience.


Dress the Part

One of the most enjoyable elements of going out is the excuse to get a little dressy; just because you are in the warm confines of your home does not mean you are restricted to wearing your pyjamas.

Putting in a little more effort and wearing what you would if you were going out (and get your guests to do so as-well) will ensure that you all look and feel the part.


If you are planning an at home restaurant dining experience and need some help with the right silverware to complement your meal, head over to our product page. 

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08 July , 2021