That time of year is upon us where we’re all supposed to dress up as goblins and ghouls, go ‘trick or treating’ and festoon our houses with hideous Halloween garb to entertain the kids. But how about celebrating Autumn this year without throwing money away on plastic pumpkins destined for landfill? 

Traditionally, late September through to early November has always been a time of harvest and celebration for many countries and cultures. It’s an opportunity to give thanks for the crops that the summer months have brought us and a chance to gather round the table with family and friends to share food together.

Inspired by a walk in the water meadows behind Winchester College, John Keats wrote one of the finest opening lines in English Poetry over 200 years ago in his ode to Autumn. So, when it comes to celebrating this season of mists and mellow fruitfulness why not get together in style and create a dinner table setting that Keats would be proud to sit at?

Make the perfect Autumnal Dining Statement with our Derwent range 

Of course, whether you’re serving Toffee Apples or Tapenade, cutlery is a key part of any dinner party get together. And what better way is there to make a statement on your Autumn table than a design centered around the flowing, organic shapes of leaves in nature?

Derwent, one of our newly introduced ‘Rivers Ranges’ is just such a collection. Reimagining the classic baguette pattern, it features a strong spin down the shaft of the handle to flare out into a soft angular point, The overall effect emulates the shape of a leaf and most importantly feels tactile and natural to the touch.

Such a strongly inspired cutlery design deserves a table setting for Halloween or Bonfire night gatherings that sets the scene for a warm, inviting environment. Think simple terracotta plates, combined with neutral ceramics that introduce rustic glazed elements in browns and greens.

Soft earthy tones work best for an Autumn themed table setting 

Variegated pumpkins make for a visually stunning centerpiece. Just stack them in a large open studio pottery bowl with a minimal amount of care and attention. A slightly haphazard approach is great for this look, so don’t be afraid to dot pumpkins around the table and to the corner of placemats – they can always be moved to your central bowl arrangement if they get in the way whilst eating.

Ochre and rust coloured textiles work fantastically well on a table scheme where Autumn is your central theme. Washable velvets in a dark mustard tone will easily withstand any spills and add that extra touch of softness to your table arrangements. Multicoloured apples with some leaves still attached also give another textural element to the table. Of course autumnal foliage is everywhere so it’s easy to create a cornucopia of seasonal colours, just pick up fallen leaves from a local park.

Simplicity in design is a key factor to creating a tasteful ambience

The main thing to remember is to have fun with your own Autumnal table setting and inject a sense of your own personality. Whether you prefer your proceedings take place with some fake blood and vampire fangs or would rather crack open some champagne after putting your own little monsters to bed, there's no wrong or right way to celebrate the season in your own home. (But obviously there’s a more tasteful way to do it).

27 October , 2022