Our Team

Tom Basford

Sales Manager

‘Mr Tom’ has been in the industry for over 20 years starting out at Brabantia as a field sales rep before joining Grunwerg. When he isn’t charging his new electric car, Tom can be found taking orders from customers, often in a bar.

“It’s hard to soar like an eagle when you’re flying with turkeys.”

Lisa Lund

Sales Office Manager

Lisa has been in our sales office for over 25 years and knows more about our products and customers than everyone else in our business put together. Lisa is the first person to pick up the phone.


David Grunwerg

Company Director

David Grunwerg, IGL director, has been a leading figure in the housewares industry since the 1970s and has been critical in the development of the Global brand in the UK turning I Grunwerg Ltd into a major player in the UK housewares scene.

“When I retire, I think I will go into politics. I will be very good at stopping arguments.”

Alex Beattie

Financial Controller

‘Beats’ looks after the money at Grunwerg as Financial Controller and manages the accounting department. Alex maintains a tight ship, keeping firm control over our systems and stock management.

“Expenses awaiting approval (Policy Issue).”

Ben Grunwerg

Purchasing Manager

Ben ‘Son of David’ followed his father into the family business. Now looking after the purchasing of company stock and helping with the company’s e-commerce development. Spends most of his time cooking staff lunches on the BBQ.

“You are more like your father than David”

Chris Hodgkins

Warehouse Manager

Chris ‘Project Man’, maintains our site and keeps a close watch over our warehouse and leads a team of 20 people to pick and pack orders promptly and carefully. Chris also maintains the company tuck shop.

“I should probably get some diet drinks”

Zia Rahim

E-commerce Manager

‘Mr Zia’ builds, maintains and runs the company’s websites, performing many roles in marketing, operations and sales. Zia can code, graphic design and works from our offices in London helping operations to run whilst always maintaining a 200m minimum distance from a Nando’s at all times.

“Can I be paid in Nandos vouchers?”

David and Charles Grunwerg “Kitchen Heroes”