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Fully customisable handle - alter the weight and balance of the knives to suit you! Made from sub-zero treatment stainless steel.

Items available:

  • PB-895 9cm Paring Knife
  • PB-891 13cm Tomato Knife
  • PB-854 12cm Utility Knife
  • PB-892 12cm Steak Knife
  • PB-855 14cm Santoku Knife
  • PB-856 16cm Santoku Knife
  • PB-888 18cm Santoku Knife
  • PB-890 16cm Boning Knife
  • PB-889 20cm Bread Knife
  • PB-857 18cm Cooks Knife
  • PB-858 21cm Cooks Knife
  • PB-800 21cm Filleting Knife, Flexible
  • PB-896 17cm Chinese Chopper
  • PB-898 16cm Cleaver
  • PB-897 18cm Cleaver
  • PB-878 18cm Santoku Knife
  • PB-899 20cm Carving Knife
  • PB-075 Carving Fork, Curved
  • PB-075S Carving Fork, Straight
  • PB-154 2pce Carving Set
  • PB-739 3-wheel Ceramic Sharpener
  • PB-1076 Ceramic Sharpening Steel
  • PB-955658 3pce Knife Set
  • PB-BLOCK/SS Stainless Steel Universal Knife Block
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