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GSF Series


Smaller knives with solid handles.

Items available:

  • GSF-15 8cm Peeling Knife, Spearpoint
  • GSF-16 6cm Peeling Knife, Lambfoot
  • GSF-17 6cm Peeling Knife, Curved
  • GSF-18 5cm Shellfish Knife
  • GSF-22 11cm Utility Knife
  • GSF-24 15cm Utility Knife
  • GSF-23 11cm Utility Knife, Serrated
  • GSF-46 8cm Peeling Knife
  • GSF-49 11cm Utility Knife 
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GS Series


Small and medium-sized knives with weighted hollow handles.

Items available:

  • GS-1 11cm Kitchen Knife
  • GS-2 13cm Slicer
  • GS-3 13cm Cooks Knife
  • GS-4 12cm Oriental Deba Knife
  • GS-5 14cm Vegetable Chopper
  • GS-6 10cm Paring Knife, Straight
  • GS-7 10cm Paring Knife, Spearpoint
  • GS-8 7cm Peeling Knife
  • GS-9 8cm Tomato Knife
  • GS-10 14cm Cheese Knife
  • GS-11 15cm Utility Knife, Flexible
  • GS-13 15cm Utility Knife, Serrated
  • GS-14 15cm Utility Knife, Scalloped
  • GS-19 9cm Fish/Poultry Knife
  • GS-20 8cm Fishbone Tweezers
  • GS-21/4 11cm Palette Knife, Flexible 
  • GS-21/6 15cm Palette Knife, Flexible 
  • GS-21/8 20cm Palette Knife, Flexible 
  • GS-21/10 25cm Palette Knife, Flexible 
  • GS-42/4 11cm Cranked Spatula
  • GS-42/6 15cm Cranked Spatula
  • GS-42/8 20cm Cranked Spatula
  • GS-42/10 25cm Cranked Spatula
  • GS-25 Plain Spatula, Flexible
  • GS-26 Slotted Spatula, Flexible
  • GS-27 Fanned Spatula, Flexible
  • GS-28 30cm Cooking Tweezers
  • GS-29 12cm Fishbone Tweezers
  • GS-35 13cm Santoku Knife
  • GS-36 12cm Utility Knife
  • GS-37 13cm Santoku Knife, Fluted
  • GS-38 9cm Paring Knife
  • GS-39 14cm Vegetable Knife, Fluted
  • GS-51 13cm Cooks Knife, Fluted
  • GS-52 15cm Utility Knife, Flexible, Fluted
  • GS-53 11cm Preparation Knife, Fluted
  • GS-55 12cm Oriental Santoku Knife, Fluted
  • GS-58 11cm Oriental Cooks Knife
  • GS-61 16cm Bagel/Sandwich Knife
  • GS-95 Cheese knife
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G Series


Larger, longer-bladed knives with weighted hollow handles.

Items available:

  • G-1 21cm Slicer
  • G-2 20cm Cooks Knife 
  • G-3 21cm Carving Knife
  • G-4 18cm Oriental Cooks Knife
  • G-5 18cm Vegetable Chopper
  • G-6 18cm Slicer
  • G-7 18cm Oriental Deba
  • G-8 22cm Roast Slicer
  • G-9 22cm Bread Knife
  • G-10 31cm Ham/Salmon Slicer
  • G-11 25cm Yanagi Sashimi Knife
  • G-12 16cm Meat Chopper
  • G-13 Carving Fork, Bent
  • G-14 30cm Yanagi Sashimi Knife
  • G-15 30cm Tako Sashimi Knife
  • G-16 24cm Cooks Knife
  • G-17 27cm Cooks Knife
  • G-18 24cm Filleting Knife 
  • G-19 27cm Filleting Knife 
  • G-20 21cm Filleting Knife 
  • G-21 16cm Boning Knife
  • G-22 20cm Bread Knife, Scalloped
  • G-23 24cm Bread Knife, Scalloped
  • G-28 18cm Butcher's Knife
  • G-29 18cm Meat/Fish Slicer
  • G-30 21cm Swedish Filleter
  • G-46 18cm Santoku Knife
  • G-47 25cm Sashimi Knife
  • G-48 18cm Santoku Knife, Fluted
  • G-49 2.2mm Chinese Chopper
  • G-50 4.0mm Chinese Chopper
  • G-55 18cm Cooks Knife
  • G-58 16cm Cooks Knife
  • G-56 18cm Vegetable Chopper, Fluted
  • G-57 16cm Chefs Knife
  • G-59 25cm Ham Slicer
  • G-60 30cm Ham Slicer
  • G-61 20cm Cooks Knife, Fluted
  • G-62 18cm Cooks Knife, Fluted
  • G-63 16cm Cooks Knife, Fluted
  • G-64 16cm Chefs Knife, Fluted
  • G-65 27cm Ham/Salmon Slicer, Fluted
  • G-66 18cm Oriental Santoku Knife, Fluted
  • G-67 21cm Carving Knife, Fluted
  • G-68 22cm Bread Knife, Fluted
  • G-69 27cm Ham/Salmon Slicer


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GF Series


Larger, drop-forged knives with weighted hollow handles. Favoured by professional chefs.

Items available:

  • GF-24 Carving Fork, Straight
  • GF-27 16cm Butchers Knife
  • GF-31 16cm Boning Knife
  • GF-32 16cm Chefs Knife
  • GF-33 21cm Chefs Knife
  • GF-34 27cm Chefs Knife
  • GF-35 30cm Chefs Knife
  • GF-36 20cm Vegetable Chopper
  • GF-37 22cm Carving Knife
  • GF-40 15cm Boning Knife 
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Knife Docks


An ideal way to store Global knives.

Items available:

  • G-88/5555 Empty 5-slot Knife Dock
  • G-88/4001 4pce Steak Knife Set with Dock
  • G-88/4012 8pce Steak Knife and Fork Set with Dock 
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5pce Knife Set with Rack


Contains: G-2, G-9, GS-5, GS-11, GS-38 and G-42/30 Magnetic Knife Rack. 

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Global is Grunwerg's ambassador brand and we are proud to distribute these knives throughout the UK and Ireland.

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