Rockingham Forge knife named 'Best Japanese Style' under forty pound!

Tried and tested by an established name in the food industry, our deluxe Rockingham Forge chefs knife has been awarded the title of 'Best Japanese Style under £40" and, needless to say, we're extremely proud of this achievement.

Written by Natalie Hardwick for BBC Good Food, the article praises our chefs knife for its "great rocking action" when cutting vegetables whilst also complimenting its "excellent forged handle" too. 

With an RRP price of around £34.99, the 20cm Rockingham Forge knife is commended for being a low-budget, high-quality Japanese style knife that offers both a sleek blade and good balance.

Natalie says, "Not sold as a Japanese-style, this is more of a hybrid which combines the weight and forged handle of a modern kitchen knife with the sleek shaped blade of a ‘deba’ style Japanese knife."

She also mentions, "This paired with a great balance makes the knife easy to rock from the tip to the heel of the blade so it’s an excellent knife for slicing skinnier ingredients like carrots or celery sticks."

So there you have it. Budget-friendly and easy to use, our Rockingham Forge chefs knife is the perfect starter companion for any beginner cook.

To read the full article, please click here.

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