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Global - one of the 10 housewares products that every middle class kitchen should have 17/10/13

In an article in The Times the table this October Global knives have been included 2nd on the list after a sous vide water oven as a housewares product that should be found in every middle-class kitchen.
This is a strong reflection of the Global brand and its iconic status as THE knife brand to own and showcase in the heart of the home, the kitchen.

Counterfeiters strike at catering market 12/09/13

 A rise in the number of counterfeit Global chefs’ knives being sold into the UK market has led to suppliers urging caterers to purchase only through authorised sales channels, it has emerged.

Global Knives is one of the most reputable knife brands available to professional chefs, but a recent feature on BBC’s Fake Britain programme drew attention to the issue of imitation copies finding their way into commercial kitchens.

However, counterfeiters looking to exploit their popularity are targeting buyers with inferior copies at hugely discounted prices.

1) Examine the dimpled handles carefully; the dimples should be evenly spaced and perfectly symmetrical.

2) The Global branding should be etched onto both sides of the blade, not painted. Look also for YOSHIKIN and CROMOVA in capitals.

3) Any knives with the words ‘Global Chef’ or ‘Global Professional’ will immediately distinguish the knives as fake.

4) Handle the knife and feel for the quality, a genuine global knife is perfectly balanced.

5) Avoid knives that appear to be an extremely good bargain, as always if it looks too good to be true then it probably is.

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