Global Ni was launched in style at the Roux residence!

 The bubbly was fast flowing last Friday as I.Grunwerg proudly launched Global’s brand new series of knives, Global Ni.

 Hosted at Roux at Parliament Square, I.Grunwerg invited over 50 members of the press to exclusively showcase the beautiful knife range.

Key members of press from national papers, magazines and trade publications enjoyed glasses of champagne and delicious canapes whilst browsing through the new range of Ni knives and watching two Roux Scholarship winners, Armand Sablon and Paul O’Neill demonstrate their knife skills.

Members of I.Grunwerg were present to take questions and the Director, David Grunwerg, then introduced the knives and took a question and answer session with the eager members of press.

Armand Sablon, Roux Scholarship winner in 2007 said, ‘It was exciting to be at the press event on Friday. There was a lot of interest from the press, and many questions were asked about the different knives and their purpose. I like the design of these knives; with the angle on the end you can actually get your precision. They are the best knives I have seen in a long, long time.

Paul O’Neill, the winner of the Roux Scholarship in 2013 adds, ‘Global Ni is an exceptionally good knife. It was great to demonstrate these at the event and I hope they get the publicity they deserve.’

This range of Global Ni knives has already been on sale in Steamer Trading since July, hosting great sales and positive reactions from both Steamer Trading staff and their customers.

This year Global Knives are celebrating 30 years of success, and have many awards in its cabinet to show this. After launching the Global SAI in 2011, the brand just keeps getting stronger and they now have Global Ni to be proud of. For more information about the new series of knives please contact

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